The future of global e-commerce

17 January, 2022

E-Commerce Destinations e-Book

In partnership with Asendia, RetailX has published the Global 2021 Ecommerce Report, an in-depth analysis of every region’s significant e-commerce markets.

The Global 2021 Ecommerce Report discusses the impact of COVID-19 on the e-commerce sector, as well as exploring emerging trends such as how the trend towards sustainability will transform the global e-commerce market.

We spoke to Asendia’s Business Development Director Global Accounts, Joeri Groenewoud to find out more.


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Q&A with Joeri Groenewoud
Business Development Director Asendia Global Accounts

It’s been a year like no other for the e-commerce/multichannel sector. How well has the industry adapted on a global basis?

The industry has always been very agile and adaptable to change, notwithstanding that every time you think you have caught up, something new happens.

Such constant volatility means that costs can increase, making it a real challenge for brands and retailers to stay profitable. Now, more than ever, we need technology-driven solutions to support us in better understanding our customers’ wants and needs.

2) What trend/development do you think people should be taking more notice of?

A growing shortage in raw materials is driving sales down across nearly all verticals; the impact of shortages on the construction industry is often in the media, or for example the shortage of microchips leading to limited stocks of the iPhone 12 worldwide, but e-commerce is affected too. Without polymers, cardboard boxes and other packaging materials, we can’t operate.

3) What impact will the growing awareness of sustainability have on the global e-commerce market?

This will have a major impact as companies try to figure out how to best organise their supply chain model from factory to consumer. There is a lot to weigh up and consider, such as comparing the benefits and costs of, for example, local hubs versus regional hubs, or air freight versus ocean freight.

Finding sustainable solutions for returns and recycling will dramatically transform how ecommerce operates. It’s an exciting time.


Want to know more?

To read the full interview with Joeri, as well as other expert insights and analysis of e-commerce markets around the world, download the Global 2021 Ecommerce Report.


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