Countdown to Brexit: Our checklist can help ensure EU businesses are Brexit-ready

03 December, 2020

E-Commerce Destinations

Coronavirus has obviously dominated news headlines in recent months, with Brexit put in its shadow, but Brexit remains a critical topic for the e-commerce industry and cross-border delivery companies like Asendia.

The future relationship between the EU and UK continues to be uncertain, it is still to be seen if a trade deal will be done and what the deal will be; a no-deal scenario is considered a strong possibility.

What we do know for sure is that from 1 January 2021 customs procedures will apply between UK and EU countries, and that shipments both to and from the EU will require customs administration/paperwork and may incur duties and taxes.

Asendia is developing its services and IT systems to manage no matter the scenario, to ensure swift processing of parcels at customs, and to keep delivery costs low.

We know that businesses in the EU have been spending many months preparing for Brexit, but we have produced a quick Checklist and Fact Sheet as reminder of the key points. These can be downloaded below. We also have expertise we can share with UK businesses shipping to the EU, please contact us if you'd like support.

By continuing to prepare for Brexit together with our customers we put ourselves in the best possible position to adapt to whichever scenario we face and to minimise any barriers to seamlessly trading across the EU/UK border.

If the UK is not currently an important market for your business you could be missing out. The UK is the largest e-commerce market in Europe and is very lucrative for many international brands. There may be more friction when trading with the UK from January 2021, but this shouldn’t put you off. Please contact us for UK market insights as well as delivery solutions.

Download our Checklist and Fact Sheet



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