Asendia and DTDC form Strategic Partnership in India

26 June, 2019


Asendia, the joint venture between La Poste and Swiss Post, and DTDC Express Ltd., a leading Indian Express & Parcel Service Provider, announced a Strategic Partnership agreement.


This partnership enables DTDC to offer Indian retailers unique access to Asendia’s global postal network with competitive tracked solutions to all key destinations such as the United Kingdom, the USA, Australia, Canada and many more.

The new postal services offered by DTDC in exclusive partnership with Asendia, empower Indian retailers to reach their customers all around the world with cost-efficient tracked solutions for the delivery of low-value goods, which are at the core of the cross-border e-commerce business. This service is available from India to all over the world.

By accessing the postal network of Asendia, DTDC launches a very complementary postal service to their current portfolio, responding to customer needs and the fast-growing international demand for Indian products.

Lionel Berthe, Asendia’s Head of Asia-Pacific commented,


“We continually look to develop our cross-border parcel services from markets where international e-commerce is thriving. India is one such market. We chose to partner with DTDC, the leading Indian Express & Parcel Providers who is already a strategic partner of our group with DPD, because their services offer a long list of unrivalled benefits and our postal solutions are very complementary. Indian retailers can enjoy the perfect range of delivery services for global e-commerce, especially for low-value goods that required cost-efficient and tracked solutions – this is exactly the core business of Asendia”.


Recent figures show the potential for cross-border e-commerce from India to Europe, the USA, Asia and Oceania:

  • According to the Ministry of External Affairs report, there are approximately 31 million people of Indian ancestry or origin residing outside India. The demand for Indian goods is continually increasing
  • Most of the diaspora Indian population are living very mature e-commerce markets such as in the USA (ev. 4 mio.), the United Kingdom (ev. 1.4 mio.), Canada (1.2 mio.) and Australia (0.5 mio.) – this underlines the cross-border growth potential

Ritwik Barman, DTDC Global Business Development Director said, "DTDC is evolving to meet the demands of international e-commerce. We want to make it easier for Indian companies and mid-size retailer to sell internationally and benefit from the huge potential outside India. By partnering with Asendia we can expand our range of e-commerce solutions by adding a postal service – by accessing Asendia’s global postal network, our customers will benefit from cost-efficient solutions for delivering low-value goods to the UK, the USA, continental Europe and many other countries. It’s a really exciting opportunity for us to grow our reach, with an international partner that has a strong reputation”.



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