Managing Orders

Benefit from a flexible offer with our Returns offer: you can choose between prepaid or non-prepaid labels and you have the possibility to pre-print the return labels in advance or to edit them on demand.

Access to our international network in combination with our local return centre with a local address where returns are processed before being consolidated and sent back to the retailer.

Thanks to our integrated tool Asendia Shipping, your orders are ready for distribution in an economical and convenient manner.



  • Extensive network of warehouses around the world to locally store specific international shipments on demand
  • Large expertise based on efficient and durable operations in many markets such as fashion, luxury, stationery, nutritional, cosmetics and merchandising
  • Thanks to our 20+ years of experience, you can rely on our team to find effective solutions to your specific requirements

Managing orders

Thanks to our managing orders solutions, your domestic and international returns will become simple and reliable.

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