Customs Clearance Solutions

Customs Clearance is the act of passing goods through customs with the proper documentation (e.g. purchase orders, commercial invoices) to prove duties have been paid and the shipment is authorised to enter the destination country.

The calculation of duties and taxes is based on different criteria (thresholds, incoterms, destination country) can become complex when delivering to different countries with different regulations around the world. While some countries are part of free trade zones and transnational agreements (e.g. the European Union), some have their own unique customs processes and laws.

Customs Prepaid and Customs Unpaid are Asendia’s flexible, expert solutions to make Customs Clearance easy anywhere in the world. Depending on different criteria and your business requirements, one or both solutions may be suitable for you.

Everything You Need to Know about Customs

Asendia and the E-commerce Foundation have created this free report to help push your business forward and understand what’s involved with customs when shipping cross-border.


Our customs clearance expertise makes sending parcels

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