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Asendia is best known for international parcel and mail delivery, but today we offer so much more.


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Our core services

We can help you generate web traffic, and convert more visitors to your store into paying customers that buy from you again and again; while optimising your order fulfillment and delivery processes to reduce delivery queries, saving you time and money.




e-PAQ is a specialist range of international packet and parcel services designed for online retailers selling internationally. We don’t just optimise your international delivery costs, we use our expertise and innovations to improve your shopper’s experience, and reduce the time and cost of managing your cross-border deliveries.

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e-PAQ Returns is a range of e-commerce returns services that combine local solutions with an international network, giving your customers flexible and convenient returns. This is a better experience for your shoppers and gives you more control over the returns process.



A simple return handling process to provide a local experience for your customers


An outstanding cross-border returns service fully trackable by you and your customers

Managing Orders

We can collect your parcels from your warehouse or your 3PL for onward despatch, or you can deliver to our international distribution centres. If you’re a small or medium-sized e-tailer, you could even outsource your entire fulfilment operation and benefit from optimised pick ‘n’ pack processes in addition to delivery.

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Order Fulfilment

We have Fulfilment Centres across the world including in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

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Do you have your own Fulfilment Centre and simply want a collection and distribution service? No worries!

Customer Care & Tools

We want to give you and your shoppers the best experience possible. We know that delivery issues can put off a customer for life, and worse still they can post a bad review that deters others from buying from you too. Our technology is key to minimizing problems and making it easier for you to manage cross-border logistics.



Asendia Shipping

Our multi-carrier shipping platform makes labelling, and processing customs data, simple. 

Asendia Tracking

You can track all of your shipments with the various carriers in one system, and your shoppers can track their order and receive email and SMS notifications.

Customs Clearance

We not only provide customs clearance solutions, but can also provide the guidance you need to overcome barriers and not get caught out.

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Additional services

We don’t just help you fulfil orders, we can help increase your international order volumes.

Facilitating Transactions 

Sell more to international shoppers on your website and on marketplaces with the help from our software partners who offer sophisticated digital e-commerce solutions.



Global e-commerce Solutions 

We acquired eshopworld in 2017. Their technology can convert your website into a localised global store and boost your conversion rates significantly.


Marketplace Management

Our partnership with Selluseller helps you sell on marketplaces across Asia Pacific, managing your catalogue, stock, and orders across multiple channels. 

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Acquiring Customers

We help you engage cost-effectively with customers around the world, improving brand awareness and generating sales. Marketing Mail is proven to offer an excellent return on investment for e-tailers; see how it could compliment your digital marketing actions.



Marketing Mail

Send your customers marketing material in the mail to get their attention. Whether it's a simple postcard with discount code or a high-end catalogue, we can help you hit your target with customers and prospects.