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Download our E-commerce Retail Calendar 2022 to discover popular dates for sales, promotions, and personalized discounts worldwide




Find out about White Day, Green Monday, Golden Week and more...

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我们新推出的 2022 年历中包含:
Our new 2022 Calendar includes:
  • 零售商需要了解的关键期日或全球性活动
    Key dates and details of international events retailers should know about
  • 文化知识,帮助您了解哪些国家以何种方式庆祝重要活动
    Cultural insights to help you understand where and how events are celebrated
  • 提高跨境电商销量的专业见解
    Insights to help boost cross-border e-commerce sales
  • 为促销活动做计划 – 打折是促进应季销售的首要策略
    Plan your promotional activity – discounting is the primary strategy for boosting seasonal sales
  • 亚太地区的大规模购物节
    All Mega Sales dates for the APAC region