Asendia and An Post form Premium Partnership to help cross-border retailers crack the Irish e-commerce market.

Asendia, the joint venture between La Poste and Swiss Post, and An Post, the Irish Postal operator of Ireland, today announced a formal Premium Partnership agreement. This enables Asendia to offer retailers privileged access to An Post’s final mile delivery services for mail and parcels, from the 15 countries it operates.

Marc Pontet, Asendia’s CEO commented, “We continually look to develop our cross-border parcel services to markets where e-commerce is thriving and Ireland is one such market. We chose to partner with An Post because their services offer a long list of unrivalled benefits such as Saturday and evening delivery, safe places and 3 delivery attempts. These are the features that online shoppers are looking for. But what’s more, An Post was voted the most trusted brand in Ireland, which is high praise in a country that brands like Google, PayPal and Pfizer have made their home. This is testament to An Post’s excellent reliability, tracking, and delivery speed, and to the relationship consumers have with their local Postie”.

首席市场营销和销售官Renaud Marliere回应道”爱尔兰消费者喜爱网购,更渴望购买海外商店的产品。英国是爱尔兰市场最受欢迎的购物目的地,所以英国的零售商会更加期待这次合作,让他们可以使用价格优惠的优质服务。除了英国,爱尔兰的消费者也会购买亚洲、美国及欧洲地区的商品。


  • 爱尔兰的电子商务市场成长迅速,2017年的销售额达到67.62亿欧元
  • 其中,跨境电商销售额占了77%,达到52.06亿欧元
  • 63%的爱尔兰跨境消费者从英国购入产品
  • 紧随其后的是中国和美国,成为爱尔兰消费者最受欢迎的购物目的地

爱尔兰邮政商总监Gilles Ferrandez表示“一直以来,爱尔兰邮政不断地发展去满足电子商务地需求。我们希望让企业和消费者的销售、购买、收货和退货过程更为简单,无论何时何地。与Asendia建立合作关系,我们能够拓展服务至英国、欧洲、美国和亚洲地区,能与声誉良好的国际企业合作去扩大业务范围,是一个极好的机会。