Customs Unpaid

Asendia’s Customs Unpaid solution means any duties and taxes, if applicable, are paid in full at the time of delivery by the shopper. With this solution, the retailer is not involved in the customs process as it’s handled between tax authorities, the distribution company and the shopper.

If a good’s value is below the threshold determined by the destination country, meaning no duties or taxes are incurred, shoppers never pay any extra costs.

Customs Unpaid is ideal for goods free of duties or taxes.

Photo of smiling young brown haired lady working in warehouse with parcels in front of her.

Benefits for shoppers and retailers

  • Convenient for low-value parcels
  • Less complex process, no need to implement specific tools or IT solutions
  • No need to deal with customs, duties and VAT

Which service is right for you? Both solutions may be suitable depending on your business priorities and traffic profile.


Prepaid Unpaid
Building customer loyalty Yes
Limit returns due to refused parcels Yes
Optimise costs Yes Yes

Our customs unpaid solution will make custom clearance easier anywhere in the world