Integrated Logistics

One stop solution for your operations including worldwide distribution

Our flexibility and expertise, in managing different activities and volumes, offer the peace of mind for companies wanting to outsource their operations, from storage management up to the preparation and processing of orders all around the world.


  • Direct access to international postal network
  • Reduction of fixed costs for space rental and workforce
  • Flexibility in managing different activities and volumes
  • We have a wide experience in product management from different industries

Ideal for

  • Marketplaces and e-retailers wishing to outsource their operations from storage to stock management up to the preparation and processing of orders all over the world
  • Companies in need of storage and handling services for their goods
  • Start up looking for a fulfilment partner offering customisable services and advises
  • Merchants offering in particular electronics, home appliances, stationery

Collection and transport

  • Collection and Pick-up
    Collection and Pick-up

    Flexible and convenient collection services.

    With our collection and pick-up services, we can collect your shipments wherever needed and take them straight to our facilities. Our collection services are arranged around your schedules and operations, making life easier for you.

IT integration

  • API Integration Shipping tool
    API Integration Shipping tool

    Access directly Asendia Shipping tool from your own system.

    By integrating our system to your own ERP tool or mobile APP, you can save time and streamline your business operations. Asendia Shipping tool will give you the possibility to generate labels, place orders, create manifest and shipping documents, directly from your own system.

    Contact us to know more about how we are using API integration.

  • Warehouse Management System
    Warehouse Management System

    Better visibility on your inventory and orders status.

    Our Warehouse Management System is ensuring full transparency on the stock level with the latest order status, so you can easily plan to replenish when necessary. Thanks to the warehouse management system, the accuracy of orders sent and packing are correct at the first time.

    Contact us to learn more.

Managing orders

  • Labelling Goods
    Labelling Goods

    Convenient and efficient labelling services.

    We can label your parcels for you, formatting international addresses correctly and giving a local look to your shipments, so your goods reach your international customers safely and quickly.

    Contact us to learn more about Labelling Goods.

  • Warehousing

    Store your stock in our global warehouses.

    Our network of warehouses around the world can hold stock locally for accurate and timely international dispatch, complete with inventory notifications. We offer a cost effective storage solution for stock of any size, for convenience and a complete inventory overview.

    This service is also available in Singapore, Italy, the UK and the USA. Contact us for a custom solution for your country.

  • Inventory Management
    Inventory Management

    Managing complex inventories and stock levels.

    We can manage and check your stock levels, ensuring your orders are ready for distribution and helping you to allocate resources where you need them most. We provide a full overview of your stock, however and whenever you need it.

    This service is also available in Singapore, Italy, the UK and the USA. Contact us for a custom solution for your country.

  • Pick and Pack
    Pick and Pack

    Versatile packing solutions preparing your shipments for dispatch.

    Our packing and addressing services consist of packaging, addressing and franking for both individual items and collective consignments, including sorting and dispatch preparation. Our services are tailor made for your shipment requirements.

    This service is also available in Singapore, Italy, the UK and the USA. Contact us for a custom solution for your country.

Customs clearance and VAT

  • Customs Clearance Goods
    Customs Clearance Goods

    Delivering your products through customs seamlessly.

    Benefit from our extensive knowledge of international markets, helping you sell across borders with ease, even into countries with more complex customs requirements, such as Switzerland, Norway, and the USA.

    We help you manage and deliver orders through customs cost effectively.

    Contact us to learn more about Customs Clearance.

Customer care

  • Customer Service
    Customer Service

    Responsive and friendly Customer service

    Our in-country customer service will help you with any after sales hurdles you may encounter from checking the latest status of your parcels to uploading your manifest or assisting with address label creation. Contact us to know more.

Reverse Logistics

  • Standard Returns
    Standard Returns

    Ideal for your low value goods.

    Offer your customers our standard returns service, the simple and safe option for low value shipments of up to 2 kg. It’s our most cost effective returns solution, completed with a standard label.

    Contact us to learn more about Standard Returns.

  • Data Upload
    Data Upload

    Follow up on your returns data.

    Data upload allows a better communication on the status of returns, number of usable/non-usable returned goods, details on the product specification and reasons for returns. With this worry-free solution, improve your customer satisfaction and repurchase rate. Our solutions also allow you avoid product loses and enter the resell process.

    Contact us for a custom solution for your business.

  • Quality Management
    Quality Management

    Quality check on the return items as per your requirements.

    We can help you manage the quality of your returns, whether you require digital scanning, or destruction, helping you to manage your assets and data. We give you the options to manage your returned goods in the best way for your business.

    Contact us for a custom solution for your business.