Acquiring Customers

Efficient and cost-effective customer acquisition all around the world.

We can help you to engage with your customer base efficiently and effectively, improving brand awareness and generating sales.


  • We are an address specialist and can help you reduce the number of undeliverable items, achieving better ROI for your direct mail campaigns
  • Our one stop shop solution covers all the steps in the production, delivery and fulfillment of a direct mail campaign for cross-border e-commerce
  • By letting us control print, you avoid having to manage multiple suppliers, saving time and potentially money too
  • Direct mail and corporate publishing are excellent tools to drive traffic to webshops. Asendia can deliver your campaigns around the world helping retailers to grow your customer base globally and strengthen your brand presence

Data services


Lettershop and mailing fulfilment

Direct Mail

Our solutions for acquiring customers make your cross-border ecommerce simple and reliable, supporting your data services, printing and direct mail needs.

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