What is the Best Method of Posting Parcels to My International Customers?

25 July, 2018

Moving from a local market to an international audience of customers is a dream scenario for any growing business. Ensuring that you have the infrastructure in place to support delivery of your goods to destinations all over the world will have a key part to play in providing consistently high quality customer service.

Depending on the contents of your parcels, and the preferences of your customers, there are a number of different methods of posting parcels to international customers to choose from.

Standard international shipping

This shipping option is the ideal choice where your customers are keen to have the most cost effective delivery available. The best standard international shipping makes use of local delivery networks and postal carriers to ensure that you can reach every address and that the service is reliable. Standard shipping doesn’t usually include tracking but may offer email notifications at certain stages in the progress of the parcel’s postage journey, such as dispatch.

Country tracked international shipping

When tracking is a priority for your customer, but so is cost, country tracked international shipping provides the perfect compromise. This method includes basic tracking for any shipment so that your customer will have a good idea of what stage the parcel has reached in its journey. Customers – and you – are provided with updates at key times so that everyone knows where the package is.

Tracked international shipping

For more expensive items, or where customers are very concerned about being able to extensively track their parcel, tracked international shipping is ideal. This will provide tracking in detail to offer real time reassurance to customers who find it useful to have detailed information on delivery progress. Tracked international shipping also offers different delivery choices. For example, those customers who are looking for door-to-door service can opt for a hand delivery and those who prefer the convenience of not having to be in to receive the parcel can choose mailbox delivery.

Premium international shipping

The most extensive and comprehensive international shipping choice is a premium service that provides exceptional support, from pick up to delivery. This can be tailored to the individual needs of your business and includes access to an IT platform to help manage delivery services and needs. For deliveries where the parcel weighs over 30kg this is a great option. And if you have customers with high expectations who are willing to pay a little more for a delivery service this is the perfect choice.

How to Select the Right International Delivery Provider

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