United States of America – Ground handling of inbound mail update

21 December, 2016

USPS asks us to inform the designated operators of other Union member countries that all five of its offices of exchange (OEs) are open and receiving mail. Designated operators should note, however, that while there are no embargos, all OEs are experiencing heavy congestion as a result of the limited ground-handler staffing (especially during weekend and night shifts) and equipment, coupled with heavy peak volumes.

USPS kindly requests that designated operators of origin notify their air carrier suppliers to ensure that their ground handlers ensure timely handover of inbound volumes to the accepting OE. All ground handlers at airports in the United States of America are responsible for timely delivery to OEs, unloading of containers, and on-site ground handling supervision.

In addition, ground handlers are responsible for removing empty equipment immediately so that all inbound volumes can be processed in a timely and efficient manner. USPS depends on extensive planning and coordination among origin designated operators and air carriers, as well as ground handlers, to ensure the timely processing of inbound mail volumes.