New Zealand – Damaged fuel pipeline at Auckland Airport

18 September, 2017

New Zealand Post, wishes to inform the designated operators of UPU member countries that, owing to a damaged fuel pipeline at Auckland Airport, New Zealand oil companies are rationing fuel supplies to all airlines, leading to the cancellation of some domestic and Trans-Tasman air operations. Moreover, some long-haul services are making extra stopovers to refuel outside Auckland.

The operator of the pipeline (Refining New Zealand) has estimated that the pipeline will take between 10 and 14 days to fix.

At this stage, the impacts are quite fluid and changing rapidly.

Outbound international mail is flowing with no current restrictions, but with some additional stopovers en route.

New Zealand Post recommends that UPU members liaise with their airline partners relating to mail transit into Auckland.

New Zealand Post thanks all designated operators for their understanding.