Power of content

03 February, 2016


How can you get consumers to buy what you’re selling? Many companies are going beyond advertising to create bespoke content as a way to get their message across, in the form of corporate publishing.

Content is being created everywhere, every minute of every day and marketers are looking for new ways to tap into that flow of information. Having a proper strategy is a good place to begin, to avoid spreading your messages too thin. Producing the best possible content is essential, otherwise is risks being swept away before prospective consumers have even noticed. And choosing the right distribution channels should definitely be on the list.

For many, print remains the key to successful content-driven campaign. Research has shown that ad recall in magazines remains high, for example, as does readership. People turn to them for inspiration, learning and relaxation and because the content suits their tastes. Brands need to fulfil those needs if they want their content to be read.

Those that do will be appreciated by their readers: according to research, brands that generate content for “people like me” generate more positive feeling about those brands. In the US, for example, custom content makes 78 per cent of consumers feel that the organisation providing it cares about building a good relationship with them, according to the CMO Council.

It’s a case of “tell, don’t sell” – find the right subject matter, seek out the correct tone for your readers and position yourself as the expert in the field. Doing so can improve credibility for a brand on a global scale, attract new consumers and help to retain those already familiar with your products and services.

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