A multisensory handcrafted direct mail piece

01 September, 2016


Direct mail campaigns are becoming increasingly multidimensional, offering excitement and intrigue through interesting shapes and textures. However, one direct mail campaign is also multisensory, truly conveying its meaning and engaging recipients.

Leica Gallery Sao Paulo’s Soundlab is an innovative direct marketing project, which manages to embody the iconic photography company incredibly effectively.

Soundlab brings an aural dimension to direct mail, perfectly complementing the sight and touch sensations direct mail pieces can evoke. The campaign recreates some of the best photos ever taken with a Leica camera both in print and on vinyl, reinventing the sounds each photographer would have experienced when taking the original pictures. 3D binaural technology was even used to create 360⁰ sound for a truly immersive experience.

Each fully handcrafted leather box set included a vinyl record containing the six audio tracks, a photography book, and special posters, all designed to offer a multidimensional snapshot of the incredible media Leica has helped create over the past century. The handcrafted element was key to the campaign, as every Leica camera is painstakingly assembled by hand.

The unique campaign was awarded a D&AD Wood Pencil, recognising its innovation; discover Soundlab in more detail here.

Copyright picture: Agency F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi // Client Leica Gallery São Paulo