Infographic - eShopWorld Shares Key Stats on Shopping Cart Abandonment for Retailers Selling Cross-Border

15 August, 2018

eCommerce shopping cart abandonment is a vital issue for internet retailers to manage as it can significantly affect an etailer’s bottom line.

Online retailers invest a great deal in getting the shopper to their website in the first place, and then enticing them to fill their shopping cart. When the shopper makes it that far in the process and then drops off, the etailer should be analyzing the customer experience at the point of purchase to uncover the reasons for abandonment so close to the finish.

Getting consumers past the shopping cart to the point of actual purchase becomes even more of a challenge when selling to cross-border shoppers. There are many steps along the way where the shopper may drop off the website. Moving the shopper all the way to the point of purchase only to lose them because of a poor shopping cart experience is not only frustrating, but results in a loss of very potential revenue for the etailer.

Check out eShopWorld’s infographic, Cross-Border Cart Abandonment Stats For Retailers, to learn some of the top reasons why shoppers abandon carts from foreign retailers. You’ll find out not just why shoppers abandon their carts, but also why shoppers on other websites complete the purchase. Get insights into abandon rates worldwide and see the most common items abandoned.

View the infographic by Asendia's partner, eShopWorld, here. For more ecommerce insights, visit eShopWorld's Blog.