How to Market to French Shoppers

02 May, 2018

With improvements in e-commerce technology and global shipping capabilities, internet retailers can now explore new and exciting opportunities to share their brands with the world.

One such market which represents untapped potential for foreign etailers is France. However, marketing to French consumers requires an adjustment to the retailer’s strategy.

Nearly 90% of the French population regularly use the internet, and the number of internet sales is expected to increase in the coming years. Many of these online transactions are made on mobile devices. When branching into the French market, internet retailers should incorporate a strong, straightforward website and mobile apps designed to work with a variety of devices.

Most importantly, French consumers expect a local shopping experience. This means foreign etailers need to consider including regional advertisements, local language websites, and apps that are fully translated. To further increase conversions, consider a variety of checkout options as well as dedicated shipping solutions. Most French consumers expect home delivery and free or reduced shipping choices as well as thorough tracking options.

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