Germany B2C E-commerce Report 2016

29 June, 2016


As one of the most established e-commerce markets in the world, Germany can be a lucrative market for cross-border retailers. Ecommerce Europe’s country report, sponsored by Asendia, reveals the opportunities, statistics, and advice every online business should consider if they are thinking about exploring this exciting market.

German consumers are exceptionally optimistic about their economy, which has weathered many of the economic storms its neighbours have experienced over the past decade. GDP is stabilising (e-commerce accounts for 1.97% of this), while the country performs well according to the key indices: Germany ranks 1st in the Logistics Performance Index, 15th for Ease of Doing Business, and 21st in the E-government Index, revealing a well-connected, digital-forward country.

And it’s no surprise to see the outlook for e-commerce is equally as promising: the number of German e-shoppers is growing steadily (currently 73% of the total population) and B2C e-commerce sales are expected to reach €66.9bn in 2016.

While smartphone usage is growing steadily, and m-commerce is now worth €8.8bn, it is important to note that, unlike many countries, Android (rather than iOS) is the dominant operating system on mobile devices.

German e-shoppers have a variety of reasons for shopping abroad: 40% cite better availability of products, closely followed by appealing offers (36%) and better conditions (32%). But there are certain considerations to bear in mind, such as consumers’ diligent comparison of offers and prices, and their emphasis on safety and quality (when it comes to consumer durables).

The report also includes insight and advice from Kai Schotten, Deputy Sales Manager at Asendia Germany, who highlights the importance for retailers to stand out from the crowd and define their own niche, an increasing variety of convenience-based delivery options, and the further integration of omnichannel.

While Germany is one of the most mature e-commerce economies in the world, it still offers plenty of promise to online businesses; download the Germany B2C E-commerce Report 2016 here to discover more exclusive insight.