CSR Day 2018: Beach Clean-up action in Singapore

30 May, 2018

On the 21st of May, Asendians from Singapore office joined around 400 other volunteers from 40 companies to participate in a coastal clean-up at Tanah Merah beach organised by the French Chamber of Commerce.

Despite the early alarm clock and the hot weather, we were all dedicated to do our part in helping to save the coastal and marine wildlife in Singapore, and to raise environmental awareness locally.

Tanah Merah beach is a 1 kilometre state land located on the east coast of Singapore. Permission to access is required meaning that the trashes collected there are coming from sea tides only.

We collected and recorded all together ~2.1 tons (2,100 kg). After this event, participants have become more aware on the environmental impacts caused by plastics and will continue their efforts to reduce plastic waste in their daily life.

Fantastic job done by our team, the other volunteers and the French Chamber of commerce in a joyful atmosphere!

At Asendia, we are committed to Measure, Reduce, Offset and Advise - we apply this to everything we do. From energy efficient transport to investment in carbon offsetting projects, to local involvement from our team in their daily business life. We're working hard all over the world to do even better.