Asendia’s response to the Daily Mail article

11 October, 2016

Asendia News

Asendia is saddened to read about the people affected by abuse of the postal system; and finds the practice of using mail as a media for illegal purposes deplorable. Asendia is a business with strong values and a proud heritage, and we empathise with anyone affected by criminal activity.

Asendia transports bulk mail cross-border for thousands of reputable businesses from all across the world, with millions of items processed each week; and this mail is already sealed in envelopes. The national and international rules about postal secrecy – including the 2000 Postal Services Act in the UK - do not allow Asendia to see the contents of the mailings handed over by our customers; Only the sender, the printer, mailing house and the recipient can see it.

As part of Asendia’s general terms and conditions, our customers are required to ensure mail items meet all relevant laws and regulations. We have fully cooperated with Trading Standards, and will cease supplying any company guilty of breaking the law.

We face a big challenge in keeping up to date with the evolving practises fraudsters use. Like with other media - email, SMS, telephone, online, etc – fraudsters using mail are becoming more innovative, and we are also dealing with businesses all over the world which adds to the complexity. However, Asendia is committed to help ensure that the postal system is not abused, and we will be working closely with other postal operators involved in the supply chain and all competent authorities to identify how the industry can tackle this issue even better. Plus we continue to support agencies, such as the Trading Standards, to increase detection of scam mail.