Poczta Polska (PL) new measures aimed at slowing the spread of COVID-19


Poczta Polska would like to inform other member countries of IPC that new measures aimed at slowing the spread of COVID-19 have been implemented in Poland and will still affect its services.

These new measures came into force on 21 April 2020, and will be in force until further notice. New guidelines for the delivery of registered letter items, postal parcels and courier items (EMS) were introduced. From 21 April 2020, registered letter-post items without the advice of delivery can be delivered to the addressee's mailbox (the delivery is recorded in the IT system), while parcels and insured parcels including advice of delivery and courier items (EMS) are delivered with signature and if the recipient refuses to sign, the last four digits from the ID document as well type of ID as the exact name of receiver in the delivery card are placed by courier/postman. The registered letter post items with advice of delivery are delivered to the addressee or authorized person after verification of ID document (last four digits from ID and type of ID are placed in delivery card as well the exact name of receiver instead of signature). At the same, Poczta Polska still maintains force majeure clause regarding quality of service.