IMRG Shares Tips for Trading into Europe


IMRG, UK’s Online Retail Association, published an article offering their top tips for trading into Europe in 2018.

As IMRG reports, the euro has rallied against the pound and there has been a surge in deliveries from the UK to Europe. In addition, ecommerce in Europe has flourished in the past couple of years. As a result, now is an ideal time for internet retailers worldwide to trade into Europe!

    IMRG’s blog suggests the fundamentals needed to get a strong start at expanding your brand overseas and trading into Europe. We’ve highlighted a few key tips from IMRG’s blog below:

      • There’s a generation gap in online buying, with young people doing more online shopping. Fashionable, trendy products are well-received by young, European shoppers.
      • Integrating a local touch is vital for your brand to succeed in Europe. IMRG emphasizes six essentials for seamless trade, including:

o Providing localized customer service

o Understanding rules and regulations by country

o Accepting localized payment methods

o Providing a local look and feel on your website

o Offering versatile delivery options

o Providing a simple and affordable cross-border returns solution

  • According to IMRG, the three largest markets in Europe are the UK, Germany, and France, which account for more than half of the total ecommerce expenditure in the continent. However, there are a host of other European countries which are also ideal targets for cross-border trade. For example, the Nordics are ripe for ecommerce, as well as relatively smaller, but upcoming markets such as Spain and Italy.

IMRG suggests that Europe represents a promising opportunity for aspirational online retailers to expand cross-border. Check out the full blog by IMRG at Top tips for trading into Europe in 2018 .

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